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Posted by : Afral IVL Tuesday, February 25, 2020

There are many achievements you need to do to get the GREEN RAPTOR MOUNT, called Sparky. But ignore all that and follow what I'm gonna tell you to do. Don't bother with achievement unless you are stuck.

So, in order to do this, make sure to mark which town you already went, so that you don't miss any town.

Main achievement [Well Travelled]

How to do this:
*You can do this even from level 1.
*You can use:
  +Village Atlas (buy from Cash Shop or Trade Broker)
  +Town scroll (5 minutes cooldown - buy from normal merchant, buy all towns scrolls in every main city)
  +Use Pegasus.
  +Mix from all three above. It's according to your preferences.
*It's easier if you got Tera Club, because you will get unlimited Village Atlas.

Part 1 - Visit all town in TERA [Achievement: Tourist Trap]
*When you visit town, make sure there is achievement pop up on your screen.

Velika - 8 towns [Achievement: Southern Arun Tourist Achievement]
  • Lumbertown
  • Crescentia
  • Popolion
  • Chebika
  • Cutthroat harbor
  • Pora Elinu
    • Go into Pora Elinu Town. Go to center of it and stand next to NPC name Shalane until the achivement pop up
    • There is 1 monument in Pora Elinu, in front of Eldritch Academy. Refer Part 2.
  • Tulufan
    • There is 1 monument in Tulufan, at Arena of the Exalted in Colossal Ruins map. Refer Part 2.
  • Castanica

Allemanthia - 7 towns [Achievement: Southern Shara Tourist Achievement]
  • Tria
  • Tralion
  • Acarum
    • There is are 1 monument in Acarum, in front of Citadel of Torment. Refer Part 2.
  • Bleakrock
  • Frontera
  • Elenea
  • Bastion
    • There are 1 monument in Bastion, near Camp Sunlight. Refer Part 2.

Kaiator - 6 towns [Achievement: Northern Shara Tourist Achievement]
  • Dragonfall
    • There are 1 monument in Dragonfall, at Temple of Sikander in Amena Quatla map. Refer Part 2.
  • Scythera Fae
  • Habere
    • There are 1 monument in Habere, in front of Labyrinth of Terror. Refer Part 2.
  • Pathfinder Post
  • Zulfikar Fortress
  • Kanstria
    • In order to get town achievement, go to center.

Part 2 - Monuments Location [Achievement: Monumental Effort]
*When you visit monument, make sure there is achievement pop up on your screen.

Pora Elinu - in front of Eldritch Academy Entrance
How to go - run

Tulufan - Arena of the Exalted in Colossal Ruins
How to go - run

Acarum - in front of Citadel of Torment Entrance
How to go - run

Bastion - near Camp Sunlight
How to go - run

Dragonfall - at Temple of Sikander in Amena Quatla
How to go - run
ps: you'll meet the laser on the bridge when doing this part. No problem, don't go through the laser, just jump down on the right bridge, and find a ladder to climb.


Habere - in front of Labyrinth of Terror
How to go - go to Specialty Store, look under Arcane Supplies, buy Labyrinth of Terror scroll.

When you got [Tourist Trap] + [Monumetal Effort] achievements, you will get [Well Travelled] achievement. It will be mailed to you.Now, enjoy your new partner Sparky and extra reward, useless pet called Juicy.

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  1. How did you get past those lasers and high level monsters? They one shot me at level 36. Definitely not fun to do.

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome, spread it so players no longer need to use that slow horse

  3. ty all done, nice guide

    used my fast 7 day free pet to save teleport money on nearby spots and some safe heaven scrolls teleport back from monuments

    1. Congrats on your mount.....share this to the world....let's make a green raptor army.... :)

  4. So good guide i already make it :D. the part with the lasers is little difficult

    1. It's easy actually, you dont have to go through that laser, jump to the right side and climb the ladder.

      Btw, congratulation. Share this! :)

  5. Hello Im very new to this, im still lvl 12, so I cant use the pegasus for every city. Please help me thankss

  6. Just buy a City Teleport Scroll from merchant, use it to go to other big city, and then buy town scroll.

  7. Have you considered making a YouTube video for this guide?

  8. Thank you for the great guide! <3
    I have shown it to my guildmates and friends and it really helps people enjoy Tera more with a fast mount for free!

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  10. Thanks for sharing man, got my Mount and Pet now :D

  11. I did exactly what you said we needed to do but the only thing i got was the pet. Did they change the acheivement rewards? I know they changed the name.

  12. Hahaha I love your guide, especially the last sentence about the pet.:P

  13. Really lost here. The author says you can do this at level 1, but that doesn't make sense; you can't even get off Noob Island until, what, level 11? Further, the cost for these scrolls is ungodly for a beginner. How do you get around that? Thanks.

  14. Yea! I got the mount and...ahem...useless pet! I was given a Village Atlas to use for 30 days, and I jumped right on this. So, thanks very much for the guide!

  15. I recently got a 10 day travel journal from a quest. Decided to get this mount. Thanks for your work on this.

  16. omg thank you so much, saved me so much gold with this guide

  17. This page is a master piece, i couldn't really get enough of it. I had to go through it more than once, i really find your post very interesting.
    Page by page reviewing

  18. Thanks man, BTW for anyone curious, using safe haven scrolls and tp stones to get around quickly total gold cost was around 20 Gold and this took 1-2 hours

  19. TY very much man!
    Finally I got it xD.. (thankfully I got a federation supply-travel journal that makes think really easy)

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